Piko Taro – PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)

Of course this is inane, and insanely catchy, but I love it.

Currently the clip has had 29million hits on YouTube – it feels like a million or so have come from my daughters endlessly replaying the tune.

I love the way that Piko Taro (Kosaka Daimaou) dresses like an 80’s Japanese gangster in lounge wear, resplendent with full punch-perm and pencil moustache, but the character is outrageously camp.

I also love this clip, where Piko Taro offers detailed instructions as to how to do the dance

It seems uniquely Japanese to offer such detailed instructions in a Headmasterly tone, for such a dumb topic.

I’m hoping against hope that NHK will allow Piko Taro onto their New Years TV singalong show…